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Advantages of Open MRI –

Even though Open MRI exams uses a lower field strength magnet and often take longer to complete, excellent image quality and an accurate diagnosis are easily achievable because patients tend to be more comfortable and can remain still longer. With an open MRI, technologists have more room to position patients, which will produce a better test.

With closed MRI Scanners you may discover that you experience claustrophobia. Closed MRI scanners have a tube shaped like a long donut. For most scans, your entire body will be inside the tube, with the top of the tube close to your face and your shoulders.

Open MRI has given large patients access to high tech imaging. Open MRI scanners have a wider opening and their table weight limits are substantially higher than those of closed MRI machines. With a wider opening, positioning overweight patients into the scanner is much easier which can improve image quality.

Additionally, our wooden floors and soft lights create a soothing environment to put patients at ease. We have a sitting area in the exam room and invite family members to stay in the room with patients during their exam.

40 slice CT Scans-

Our Siemens Somatom CT obtains up to 40 slices per rotation with previously unknown sharpness, diagnostic detail, and clarity with the industry's highest routine isotropic resolution of 0.33 mm using z-Sharp Technology.


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